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Chiro Lore

This is an ongoing project for the youth movement in which I have spent many happy years as a member and leader. The project consists of a dynamic, content rich website with lots of widgets like a custom calendar to show availability for renting the premisis, a custom CMS for adding posts and the programs of each of the divisions and an extensive backend for administrative purposes. The design was done by Rik De Lombaerde. The used technologies are PHP, JQuery, MySQL and several API's (such as google maps for styling the map in the site's color scheme).

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This project came to life in an assignment during the module Project 1 in light of the professional bachelor New Media and Communication Technology at Howest. Our task was to construct an IOT-device. I ended up making a desktop device that shows your social statistics (such as your friendcount on Facebook, your followers on Twitter or your subscribers on YouTube). The technologies used are Python, Arduino, PHP, OAUTHv2 and various API's. A backend lets you enter the desired channels you would like to show the data of and generate a key so your own private IOT-device can use the REST-API on my server that combines the data you have selected.

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