Now that you have found me, take a look around to get to know me better. On this page you'll be able to find some personal info on me such as my interests and hobbies. Don't stop there though! Feel free to feast your eyes upon projects I have worked on by using the navigation, or contact me using the contact form. Happy surfing!


I absolutely love php. From webscrapers to backend development, chatbots or CMS's. I can't get enough of it. Python comes in in second place, though because of machine learning it sure is a close call. C# development of cross platform apps using Xamarin finishes third. True programmer by heart.


Another big passion of mine is riding my bike. Nothing screams freedom like going 50 km/h on two wheels. Something about picking a random destination in a 100 km radius and just going there, sun or stormy weather, gives you that rush of happiness and accomplishment.