I don't know what you were looking for exactly, but you seem to have found me. This landingpage is a front for my fiendish snippets and scheme's that I test on this domain. It has a little bit of info on what makes me tick, so feel free to take a look around!


I am a backend-oriented developer with a focus on PHP. I know my way around Symfony and absolutely love the structure and order of object-oriented programming. I like learning new stuff and like to think I pick stuff up pretty quickly. I've made cross-platform apps with Xamarin in C#, taught machines with Python, dabbled in ASP.NET MVC projects and integrated my fair share of API's and libraries into existing solutions. I'm especially fond of projects that need a bit of research.


A healthy mind in a healthy body. I like to maintain a healthy lifestyle and thoroughly enjoy riding my bike. Whether it's picking a place in a 100 Km radius and making a round trip or trying to beat my own FTP... The combination of the open road, the wind in your face and the sound of your wheels racing over the ground make me feel like there's no better way to drain some energy.